Actions Speak Louder than Words

Product Demonstrators

As an event staffing agency, we offer product demonstrator services so that your event attendees, or in-store customers, can experience your product’s value first-hand. Our product demonstrators are experts at audience engagement and professional persuasion.

Our product demonstrators will attract, engage, and build hype to help close more sales on the big day and make your product a resounding success!


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Personal and Professional Product Demonstrations

A product demonstrator should be as personable as they are professional. Our experienced staff will make your attendees feel welcomed and heard while revealing how your brand can improve their well-being.

As an event management agency, we know you’ve been building hype around your products through online marketing, sneak previews, and more. We also know that you already have established a brand voice – which is something your potential customers have come to know and expect. Rest assured that we are experts at aligning our product demonstrator services with your brand voice to showcase uniformity at every sales point.

Growing Your Brand – One Demonstration at a Time

The reality is that some customers will need less persuasion to buy your products on the spot, while others may need some time to think about it. Our product demonstrator services ensure one of two outcomes: Either your prospects will leave your event as the proud new owner of your product, or you’ll make a sale in several days because they haven’t been able to stop thinking about it.

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