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Tradeshow Event Staffing

As the organizer of a tradeshow, the unfortunate truth is that you can’t be everywhere at once. Your number one priority is ensuring that your event runs smoothly, and that your attendees remain interested and engaged throughout. And so, hiring some helping hands could just be the key you need to guarantee your event success.

trade show event support

Tradeshow Event Staffing

We offer tradeshow support services to ensure that every aspect of your event meets your standards and surpasses your expectations. Our experienced tradeshow hosts and hostesses will not only help keep the order of events for your tradeshow on schedule, but they will also make sure that your guests feel welcomed and looked after.

Tailored Tradeshow Support Services

We offer a full list of tradeshow support services that provide solutions to various tradeshow essentials. We can provide you with professional tradeshow hosts and hostesses who will set up a booth that your attendees can visit for any information regarding your event.

We also offer lead generation and crowd gathering services. This is where our persuasive staff will help direct your attendees to the specific stalls that you believe deserve the most attention and attraction.

The Voice Behind Your Tradeshow

As part of our tradeshow support services, we at Style & Image Network can cater to your announcer and audience engagement needs. Should you need a spokesperson for one of the products or services presented at your event, we offer product demonstration services designed to attract and convert your attendees into interested and paying customers.

Should you require an MC, Moderator, or presenter for your event, we have the most charismatic tradeshow staff who are guaranteed to keep your audience entertained and enthralled throughout.

Finally, should your event attract attendees from other nations, we offer interpreter services to ensure nothing about your event gets lost in translation.



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