Style & Image Network Launches District Beauty Guide

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Sylvie Luanghy
E: DBG@districtbeautyguide.com
W: www.districtbeautyguide.com

Style & Image Network Launches
District Beauty Guide

Style & Image Network Launches

Style & Image Network, an event marketing agency, recently launched an exclusive beauty, spa, and wellness website, www.districtbeautyguide.com, for services located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area.

Arlington, VA— October 6, 2017- Style & Image Network, LLC, has launched a brand-new website, the District Beauty Guide (DBG), to help users discover local businesses in the spa, beauty, and wellness industry and help businesses promote their services. The District Beauty Guide site provides a variety of services including a listing directory, a blog which will be updated regularly, an event calendar to promote events happening within the beauty industry, and more!

As the creator of the popular annual beauty night out shopping event, we wanted to launch District Beauty Guide has an extension of our annual event for businesses to promote their services and events via the online directory and print guide. There are no other businesses in the area that offer exactly what DBG does. And that’s why District Beauty Guide is different. Because this site is the only exclusive site in the Washington, DC metro area that focuses primarily on the spa, beauty, and wellness industry and local businesses related to this industry.” –Founder, Sylvie Luanghy

Not only will the District Beauty Guide website cover events related to the beauty, spa, and wellness industry, but other engaging subjects will be integrated as well including content marketing, hair and makeup stylist interviews, sponsor emails, social media, face-to-face marketing, and a regular newsletter.
The DBG newsletter will feature various promotions, new openings, newly launched products, and other events. District Beauty Guide’s goal is to cover anything worth knowing related to the health and beauty industry.

In addition to the other services provided by District Beauty Guide, Style & Image Network also plans to release a beauty guide directory which will be published in April of 2018. This guide will feature a comprehensive list of beauty services from local providers within the Washington, DC metro area.

For additional information on what the District Beauty Guide has to offer, visit the website at www.districtbeautyguide.com
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About District Beauty Guide (DBG)
District Beauty Guide, a division of Style & Image Network, LLC, is a print guide and online directory for beauty salons, spas and wellness services in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia. (DMV)

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