Spring Beauty Night Out!

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Spring Beauty Night Out! | BISNOW | April 22, 2015

Article & Photos : Spring Beauty Night Out! | April 22, 2015 | by Heather Mahoney for BISNOW

Spring Beauty Night Out!

Last night we also stopped by the Spring Beauty Night Out at Long View Gallery for a night of beauty, pampering, and shopping hosted by the Style & Image Network. We snapped Alphatec’s Rosette Difranco, Optoro’s Brittany Lambert, and Keypoint Government Solutions’ Christie Jones.

Guests got the latest beauty tips, great fashion deals, complimentary spa treatments, products that haven’t hit the market, and complimentary cocktails and treats. Bloomingdale’s Paul Tinseley, Tina Cruikshank, Fatiha Salama, and Sara Segrist are here.

Event Recap: Spring Beauty Night Out

On April 22, 2015, the Spring Beauty Night Out, hosted by the Style & Image Network, transformed Long View Gallery into a haven of beauty, pampering, and shopping. Notable guests included Rosette Difranco from Alphatec, Brittany Lambert from Optoro, and Christie Jones from Keypoint Government Solutions.

Attendees were treated to the latest beauty tips, exclusive fashion deals, complimentary spa treatments, sneak peeks at unreleased products, and a delightful selection of complimentary cocktails and treats. The event’s eighth anniversary solidified its reputation as the ultimate shopping destination.

The atmosphere was filled with laughter, and the predominantly female audience enjoyed activities such as a photo booth. Among the attendees were Simmone Quesnell, Jordan Barrish, Caroline Rasmus, Sunshine Bell, Maile Bell, Maria Frolovina, Christine Lee, Jenn Franks, Maria Martinez, Chelsea Buto, Anna Kronfeld, and Liz Klemens.

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Bloomingdale’s Paul Tinseley, Tina Cruikshank, Fatiha Salama, and Sara Segrist are here.

We snapped Alphatec’s Rosette Difranco, Optoro’s Brittany Lambert, and Keypoint Government Solutions’ Christie Jones.


Capital One’s Maria FrolovinaChristine Lee and Jenn Franks with ASM Research’s Maria Martinez.

The Spring Beauty Night Out was a delightful fusion of beauty, fashion, and entertainment, making it a memorable evening for everyone.

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