Social Media Ideas for Event Planners in February


Engaging Social Media Ideas for Event Planners

February may be the shortest month, but it packs a punch for unique national days! As a corporate event planner, you can leverage these quirky holidays to create engaging social media content, showcase your creativity, and connect with your audience on a fun level. Buckle up because we’re diving into a month-long calendar of social media gold:

Salute the Scouts! Celebrate Boy Scouts Day with Social Media Magic (Feb 8th) 

February 8th marks National Boy Scouts Day, a day to honor the values of scouting and its impact on young lives. As a corporate event planner, you can leverage this opportunity to showcase your commitment to community and teamwork while engaging your audience in meaningful ways. Here’s how:

Example: Share a photo of a successful team-building activity you organized, like a scavenger hunt or obstacle course, with the caption: “Building teamwork and leadership skills, just like the Boy Scouts! #BoyScoutsDay #EventPlanning.”


Highlight community-focused events: Showcase past events that benefited the community, like charity galas, park cleanups, or volunteer initiatives. Partner with local troops or organizations for future events.

  • Promote teamwork and leadership: Share tips on incorporating team-building activities into your events, emphasizing communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.
  • Offer special discounts or packages: Create event packages themed around outdoor activities, leadership workshops, or community service projects. Offer discounts to Scouting groups or organizations.
  • Run a social media contest: Ask followers to share their favorite memories of Scouting or their dream project for the community—award prizes for the most heartwarming or impactful ideas.
  • Partner with local Scouting organizations: Collaborate with a local troop or council to offer event planning services or host a joint event celebrating Boy Scouts Day.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Include #BoyScoutsDay, #CommunitySpirit, #TeamworkMatters, and #EventPlanning in your posts to reach a wider audience.

Happy event planning!

Get Slicing! Celebrate National Pizza Day with Creative Event Ideas (Feb 9th)

Who doesn’t love pizza?

February 9th is National Pizza Day, a delicious excuse to celebrate everyone’s favorite comfort food! As a corporate event planner, you can leverage this day to connect with your audience, showcase your creativity, and inspire memorable gatherings. Here’s how to get the pizza party started:

Example: Share a photo of a visually stunning pizza-themed event you’ve planned, like a build-your-own pizza bar with unique toppings or a gourmet pizza tasting paired with craft beers. Use the caption: “Who says pizza can’t be fancy? Celebrate #NationalPizzaDay with your next event! #EventPlanning #PizzaLove.”


Get creative with pizza-themed events: Showcase past events with unique pizza concepts, like pizza Olympics with themed toppings or a global pizza tour featuring international flavors.

  • Host a virtual pizza party: Organize a live online event where participants can learn to make their own pizzas or join a tasting led by a pizzaiolo.
  • Run a “dream pizza toppings” poll: Engage your audience by asking about their favorite pizza toppings and use the results to inspire your next event menu.
  • Partner with local pizzerias: Collaborate with local restaurants to offer pizza-themed catering packages or host joint events featuring their signature pizzas.
  • Offer a “pizza party planning guide”: Create a downloadable guide with tips on planning the perfect pizza-themed event, including games, decorations, and music suggestions.
  • Celebrate diversity and inclusivity: Highlight pizzas from different cultures or cater to dietary restrictions with gluten-free or vegan options.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Include #NationalPizzaDay, #PizzaLove, #EventPlanning, and #DeliciousMemories in your posts to spread the fun.

Happy event planning, and may your pizzas always be cheesy and perfect!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Celebrate the Year of the Dragon with Your Events! (Feb 10th)

February 10th marks the vibrant celebration of Chinese New Year, welcoming the Year of the Dragon! As a corporate event planner, you can leverage this opportunity to embrace cultural diversity, showcase your creativity, and offer unique experiences for your audience. Here’s how you can join the festivities:

Example: Share a stunning visual of a dragon dance performance or a photo of a beautifully decorated table for a Chinese New Year feast, with the caption: “Embrace the Year of the Dragon! Celebrate #ChineseNewYear with cultural events that bring people together. #EventPlanning #CulturalExchange.”


Educate and entertain: Share interesting facts about Chinese New Year traditions, symbols, and the significance of the Dragon in Chinese culture.

  • Host a virtual cultural event: Organize a live online event featuring traditional Chinese music performances, lion dances, or cooking demonstrations of festive dishes.
  • Offer Chinese New Year-themed event packages: Create packages for corporate events or private gatherings, incorporating traditional decorations, cuisine, and entertainment.
  • Partner with cultural organizations: Collaborate with local Chinese cultural centers or restaurants to offer authentic experiences and expertise for your events.
  • Run a “lucky red envelope” giveaway: Offer prizes or discounts wrapped in red envelopes, symbolizing good fortune and prosperity for the New Year.
  • Encourage cultural sensitivity: Educate yourself and your audience about appropriate ways to celebrate and avoid cultural appropriation.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Include #ChineseNewYear, #YearoftheDragon, #CulturalCelebration, and #EventPlanning in your posts to reach a wider audience.

Remember: Celebrating Chinese New Year with respect and creativity can create inclusive and memorable events that foster cultural understanding and appreciation.

Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Wishing you prosperity and happiness!)

Connect and Collaborate: Celebrate National Make a Friend Day with Your Event Expertise! (Feb 11th)

February 11th sparks joy with National Make a Friend Day, encouraging us to build meaningful connections and expand our networks. As a corporate event planner, you can use this day to go beyond your circle, connect with fellow professionals, and foster collaboration within the industry. Here’s how to make your mark:

Example: Host a virtual “Meet & Greet” for event professionals in your region, using the caption: “Let’s network and make new friends! Celebrate #MakeAFriendDay with an event-planning community gathering. #CollaborationMatters #EventProsUnite.”


  • Host a virtual “Meet & Greet”: Organize an online event focused on networking and introductions for event professionals. Encourage participants to share their expertise and connect with potential collaborators.
  • Run a social media challenge: Ask your followers to share their “event industry dream team” – the professionals they’d love to work with – and tag them using #MakeAFriendDay.
  • Offer tips for building connections: Share a blog post or infographic with actionable tips on networking at events, building rapport, and fostering strong business relationships.
  • Partner with other event companies: Collaborate with complementary businesses to offer joint workshops, webinars, or social events, expanding your reach and strengthening connections.
  • Recognize industry friendships: Highlight stories of successful collaborations or long-lasting partnerships between event professionals, showcasing the value of friendship and support.
  • Offer discounts or promotions: Encourage new connections by offering discounts on your services or exclusive packages for groups or referrals.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Include #MakeAFriendDay, #EventProNetwork, #CollaborationCorner, and #BuildingConnections in your posts to engage the industry community.

Happy connecting, and may your network be as strong as your next event-planning masterpiece!

Love is in the Air! Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Event Magic. (Feb 14th )

February 14th brings the heartwarming celebration of Valentine’s Day, dedicated to love, romance, and cherishing unique connections. As a corporate event planner, this presents a golden opportunity to showcase your creativity, cater to lovebirds, and spread joy through unforgettable experiences. Here’s how you can infuse romance into your event offerings:

Example: Share a stunning photo of a beautifully decorated Valentine’s Day event space with the caption: “Love is in the air! Create magical memories with our special Valentine’s Day event packages. #ValentinesDay #EventPlanning #RomanceUnleashed.”


  • Romance-themed event ideas: Share creative concepts for intimate dinners, couples’ workshops, romantic getaways, or even virtual “love-in-a-box” experiences for remote partners.
  • Offer special Valentine’s Day packages: Create limited-edition packages featuring venue decoration, catering, entertainment, and activities tailored for celebrating love.
  • Run a “love story met at an event” contest: Encourage followers to share their heartwarming stories of finding love at your events, offering prizes for the most touching or unique submissions.
  • Partner with local businesses: Collaborate with restaurants, florists, or musicians to offer comprehensive Valentine’s Day packages, combining your event planning expertise with their services.
  • Host a virtual charity event: Organize a live online event supporting a love-related cause, like a couples’ dance competition or a virtual matchmaking session, encouraging donations and engagement.
  • Celebrate all forms of love: Feature diverse stories and couples, acknowledging various ways to celebrate love and connection, promoting inclusivity and acceptance.

Use relevant hashtags: #ValentinesDay, #LoveIsLove, #EventPlanningMagic, and #CelebratingLove in your posts to connect with the romantic crowd.

Remember: By injecting your planning expertise with romance and creativity, you can create unforgettable Valentine’s Day experiences that touch hearts and spark joy.

Happy love-filled event planning!

Celebrate Women Who Lead: Honor Susan B. Anthony Day with Your Events! (Feb 15th)

February 15th marks National Susan B. Anthony Day, a day to celebrate the legacy of this trailblazing advocate for women’s rights and suffrage. As a corporate event planner, you can leverage this day to honor the achievements of women in leadership, inspire the next generation, and showcase your commitment to creating inclusive and empowering events. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Example: Share a photo of a panel discussion you organized featuring successful female entrepreneurs with the caption: “Amplifying the voices of women leaders! Join us in celebrating #SusanBAnthonyDay by supporting and empowering women in the event industry. #WomenLeaders #EqualityMatters.”


  • Feature women in leadership: Spotlight inspiring female event planners, entrepreneurs, or speakers you’ve worked with. Share their stories, expertise, and contributions to the industry.
  • Highlight events that empower women: Showcase past events you’ve planned that focused on women’s empowerment, diversity, or leadership development.
  • Run a “women in events” contest: Encourage followers to share stories of influential women in their lives who have inspired their careers in the event industry. Offer prizes for the most impactful stories.
  • Partner with women-owned businesses: Collaborate with female caterers, decorators, or entertainment providers to create an all-female team for your next event.
  • Offer discounts or scholarships: Support the growth of female event professionals by offering discounted services or scholarships to attend industry conferences or workshops.
  • Donate to women’s causes: Partner with organizations that support women’s leadership development or advocacy groups aligned with Susan B. Anthony’s legacy.

Use relevant hashtags: Include #SusanBAnthonyDay, #WomenLeaders, #EmpoweringEvents, and #EqualityInEvents in your posts to reach a wider audience and engage in the conversation.

Remember: By celebrating the achievements of women in leadership and actively promoting inclusivity, you can contribute to a more diverse and equitable event industry.

Let’s honor Susan B. Anthony’s legacy by creating events that empower, inspire, and pave the way for future generations of women leaders!

Spread Kindness, Spark Joy: Celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day with Your Events! (Feb 17th)

February 17th bursts with positivity on National Random Acts of Kindness Day, reminding us that even small gestures can make a big difference. As an event planner, you can leverage this day to spread joy, inspire goodwill, and showcase the power of community through your events. Here’s how you can sprinkle kindness confetti:

Example: Share a heartwarming story about a random act of kindness witnessed at an event you planned, like a vendor surprising a guest with a birthday song or attendees donating to a local charity. Use the hashtags #RandomActsofKindnessDay and #EventPlanningWithHeart.


Highlight kindness at past events: Share stories or photos showcasing acts of kindness, generosity, or community spirit that unfolded during your events.

Offer a “random act of kindness” service: Dedicate a specific time on this day to offer free consultations, event planning tips, or advice to followers who need a helping hand.

  • Run a “kindness challenge”: Encourage your audience to share their random acts of kindness throughout the day, using your event space or services if applicable. Offer small prizes for the most creative or heartwarming acts.
  • Partner with a local charity: Collaborate with a non-profit organization to host a fundraising event or offer your event planning expertise for their cause.
  • Feature quotes about kindness: Share inspirational quotes about the power of kindness and its impact on individuals and communities.
  • Surprise your followers: Leave a small handwritten note of appreciation for past clients, vendors, or colleagues, expressing your gratitude and spreading unexpected joy.
  • Use relevant hashtags: #RandomActsofKindnessDay, #KindnessMatters, #EventsWithHeart, and #CommunitySpirit in your posts to reach a wider audience and inspire action.

Let’s celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day by creating events that inspire, connect, and leave a lasting ripple of positive energy in our communities!

Celebrate History & Leadership: Engage Your Audience with National President’s Day! (Feb 19th)

As we approach National President’s Day on February 19th, it’s an excellent opportunity for event planners to delve into the world of history and leadership! By engaging your audience with exciting content related to presidents and events, you can showcase your creativity and historical knowledge and attract potential clients seeking unique event themes. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Example: Share a captivating image of an iconic presidential speech location, like the Lincoln Memorial, with the caption: “Imagine your next event set against the backdrop of history! #PresidentsDay #EventPlanningWithImpact.”


Highlight historical events: Showcase past events you’ve planned at significant locations with presidential connections, like museums, libraries, or monuments. Share interesting anecdotes or historical facts linked to those spaces.

  • Offer trivia quiz: Engage your audience with a fun online quiz about presidential inaugurations, galas, or famous speeches. Offer prizes for the winners to increase participation.
  • Create themed event packages: Develop unique event packages inspired by different presidential eras or specific presidents, incorporating relevant decorations, themes, and entertainment.
  • Partner with historical societies or museums: Collaborate with local organizations to host educational events or tours highlighting presidential history, offering special access or exclusive experiences.
  • Run a “presidential quote contest”: Ask your followers to share their favorite presidential quotes and explain their significance, sparking meaningful discussions about leadership and values.
  • Share interesting facts: Did you know George Washington had his own catering manager for presidential events? Uncover and share intriguing facts about presidential receptions, menus, or traditions.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Include #PresidentsDay, #HistoryBuff, #EventInspiration, and #LeadershipMatters in your posts to reach a wider audience interested in history and current events.

By creatively linking your event planning expertise with the fascinating world of presidents and leadership, you can capture attention, educate your audience, and even attract clients seeking historical or themed events.

So, get ready to celebrate National President’s Day with a blend of history, engaging content, and magic in event planning!

Championing Equality & Inclusion: Celebrate World Day of Social Justice with Your Events! (Feb 20th)

February 20th marks World Day of Social Justice, a powerful reminder to strive for a world where everyone has equal access to opportunities and resources. As an event planner, you are crucial in shaping inclusive spaces and fostering connections across diverse communities. Here are some ideas to help you celebrate this important day:

Example: Share a photo of a diverse group enjoying an event you’ve planned, with the caption: “Let’s celebrate #WorldDayofSocialJustice by creating inclusive events that welcome and empower everyone! #EventPlanningForChange.”


Showcase diverse and inclusive events: Highlight past events you’ve planned that embraced diversity and inclusion, featuring representation from different cultures, backgrounds, and abilities.

Offer resources for accessibility: Share helpful resources and guides on creating accessible events, including information on wheelchair accessibility, sign language interpretation, and sensory-friendly environments.

  • Partner with diverse organizations: Collaborate with non-profit organizations or community groups that promote social justice and inclusion to co-host events or offer your expertise pro bono.
  • Run a “social justice hero” contest: Encourage followers to nominate individuals or organizations working towards social justice in their communities, recognizing their efforts and amplifying their work.
  • Host a virtual panel discussion: Organize a virtual event featuring diverse speakers discussing the importance of inclusion in the event industry sharing best practices and strategies.
  • Offer a discount for events focused on social justice: Encourage organizations working on social justice causes by providing a special discount on your event planning services.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Include #WorldDayofSocialJustice, #InclusionMatters, #EventPlanningForGood, and #BuildingBridges in your posts to raise awareness and inspire action.

Remember: By actively promoting social justice and creating inclusive events, you can contribute to a more equitable and just world within the event industry and beyond.

Let’s use our event planning skills to build bridges, foster connections, and celebrate the diversity that makes our communities vibrant!

Connect Across Borders: Celebrate World Thinking Day with Your Events! (Feb 22nd)

February 22nd marks World Thinking Day, dedicated to fostering global collaboration and understanding among young people worldwide. As an event planner, you can leverage this opportunity to showcase your international expertise, promote cultural exchange, and inspire others to connect across borders. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Example: Share a photo of a stunning event you’ve planned with international participants, with the caption: “Connecting cultures, one event at a time! Celebrate #WorldThinkingDay with us. #GlobalCollaboration #EventPlanningWithoutBorders.”


Share tips for international events: Offer insights and resources on planning successful international events, covering cultural sensitivities, logistics, and effective communication strategies.

  • Highlight events promoting cultural exchange: Showcase past events you’ve planned that brought people from different cultures together, featuring traditional performances, food, or activities.
  • Partner with international organizations: Collaborate with international organizations or cultural centers to co-host events celebrating global diversity and promoting cultural understanding.
  • Run a “global collaboration challenge”: Encourage followers to share ideas for online or in-person events that connect people from different countries, fostering collaboration and cultural exchange.
  • Organize a virtual “cultural exchange fair”: Host a virtual event featuring presentations from different countries, showcasing their traditions, music, and customs to a global audience.
  • Offer a discount for international events: Encourage international collaboration by providing a special discount on your services for events with participants from multiple countries.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Include #WorldThinkingDay, #GlobalCitizens, #CulturalExchange, and #ConnectingCommunities in your posts to reach a wider audience interested in international collaboration.

Remember: You can contribute to a more inclusive and interconnected world by promoting global connections through your events and expertise.

Let’s celebrate World Thinking Day by building bridges, fostering understanding, and creating events that inspire people to think globally and act locally!

Shake Up Your Events with Margaritas! Celebrate National Margarita Day in Style! (Feb 22nd)

February 22nd brings the refreshing fun of National Margarita Day, the perfect excuse to celebrate this iconic tequila cocktail! As an event planner, you can leverage this day to showcase your creativity, share festive drink ideas, and engage your audience with exciting experiences. Here’s how to get the party started: Share a vibrant photo of your signature margarita creation adorned with festive garnishes, with the caption: “Let’s toast to #NationalMargaritaDay! Cheers to creating memorable events infused with fun and flavor. #EventPlanningWithFlair.”


  • Share a signature margarita recipe: Impress your followers with a unique and delicious recipe you’ve crafted, perfect for serving at your next event. Include stunning visuals and easy-to-follow instructions.
  • Host a virtual “happy hour”: Organize an online event where participants can learn to make margaritas together, featuring different variations and fun garnishing ideas.
  • Run a “margarita masterpiece” contest: Encourage followers to share photos of their best creations, judged by industry professionals or your audience. Award prizes for the most creative and tasty-looking concoctions.
  • Partner with local restaurants or bars: Collaborate with local establishments known for their margaritas to offer joint promotions or themed event packages, attracting both foodies and event planners.
  • Offer “margarita-themed” event packages: Create event packages incorporating the margarita theme, featuring margarita-inspired decorations, signature cocktails, and festive music.
  • Get social with relevant hashtags: Include #NationalMargaritaDay, #MargaritaLove, #EventPlanningFun, and #CheersToGoodTimes in your posts to reach a wider audience and join the online celebration.

Remember: By offering fun margarita-themed experiences and connecting with the festive spirit of the day, you can make National Margarita Day a memorable event for you and your audience.

So, dust off your shakers, get creative, and celebrate National Margarita Day with delicious drinks, unforgettable events, and plenty of cheers!

Unleash Your Inner Storyteller: Celebrate National Tell a Fairy Tale Day with Magical Events! (Feb 26th)

February 26th marks the enchanting National Tell a Fairy Tale Day, a time to ignite our imaginations and celebrate the timeless power of storytelling. As an event planner, you can leverage this day to spark creativity, engage your audience, and weave magical experiences that transport them to fantastical worlds. Here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing: 

Share a captivating excerpt from a fictional story about a mythical banquet in a hidden castle, leaving your audience wanting more and asking, “Could you plan an event like this?” Use the hashtags #TellAFairyTaleDay and #EventPlanningMagic.


  • Share a fictional event story: Write and share a short story about a magical event you’ve planned for a fairy tale character, highlighting unique elements, decorations, and entertainment.
  • Host a “fairy tale event” contest: Encourage followers to write their own stories about dream events inspired by fairy tales, with prizes awarded for the most creative and engaging narratives.
  • Run a “fairy tale character” poll: Ask your audience which fairy tale character they’d love to host an event for and share their suggestions for themes, activities, and menus.
  • Partner with local artists or theaters: Collaborate with creative professionals to host storytelling events, workshops on writing fairy tales, or interactive performances based on classic stories.
  • Offer a “fairy tale event consultation”: Provide a limited-time discount or offer a free consultation for clients looking to create a unique event with a fairy tale theme.
  • Share inspiring quotes and facts: Post quotes about the power of storytelling and interesting facts about the origins of popular fairy tales.
  • Use relevant hashtags: Include #TellAFairyTaleDay, #FairyTaleEvents, #StorytellingMagic, and #EventPlanningInspiration in your posts to connect with a broader audience.

By embracing the spirit of storytelling and weaving fantastical elements into your content and event offerings, you can capture imaginations, spark excitement, and create truly memorable experiences.

So, unleash your inner storyteller, let your creativity soar, and celebrate National Tell a Fairy Tale Day by making events truly magical!

Bloom & Boom! Celebrate National Floral Day with Your Next Event (February 28th)

February’s final day bursts with fragrant blooms as it celebrates National Flower Day! This delightful occasion offers corporate event planners the perfect opportunity to conclude the month on a vibrant note, showcasing their creativity For a blooming success.

DAY HISTORY: This day celebrates the beauty and significance of flowers, recognizing their role in cultural traditions and personal expressions.


  • Add Floral Flair to Your Event: Partner with a local florist to create stunning centerpieces, entrance displays, or even personalized flower arrangements for guests. Highlight your expertise in collaborating with vendors and ensuring seamless integration of floral elements.
  • Host a “Blooming Networking” Event: Organize a morning coffee or afternoon reception with floral accents, encouraging attendees to connect and mingle in a vibrant atmosphere. Showcase your ability to manage event logistics and create engaging networking opportunities.
  • Run a Social Media Contest: Ask participants to share photos of their favorite flowers or creative floral arrangements using your event’s hashtag and #NationalFloralDay.
  • Donate to a Floral Charity: Support a cause like “Petals for Hope” or “Blooms for Seniors” in your community. Emphasize your commitment to social responsibility and the positive impact events can have.
  • Share Fun Flower Facts: Post interesting snippets about flower symbolism, meanings, or their use in different cultures. Show your creativity and ability to curate engaging content your audience will enjoy.

Remember to use se this day to enhance your event aesthetics, connect with the community, and showcase your commitment to creating beautiful and impactful experiences.

With this final February flourish, we conclude our month-long journey of social media ideas for event planners! Remember, consistency and engagement are essential. 

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