Launch your product using our promo staff

The Personalities behind Your Products and Services

You worked too hard and too long for your newest product or service not to be in the spotlight. Fortunately for you, we excel at special events staffing, and our expert brand ambassadors and event managers know how to give your product launch more than just 15 minutes of fame. 

As a professional special events staffing company, our talent models are experts that engage your event attendees with the products and services you want to promote. We’ll help turn that spark of interest in your product into a burning desire for your audience to get their hands on what you’re offering.

sin event staffing

Professional Product Launch Promoters with Years of Experience

As the premier DC event staffing company, our promotional talent models understand the power of a tailored-to-you approach. No matter what industry sector your products or services fall under, we guarantee to promote your product as its unique entity. We’re confident enough to go so far as to say that our experienced staff could even help you sell sand at the beach.

Service that Sells

Outside of providing event staffing in DC that can keep your order of operations running smoothly, our top priority is promoting your event. Our goal is to have as many attendees as possible fall as in love with your products or services as you are.

Contact us today to see how we can help you with the success of your launch by providing you with professional product launch promoters with charming personalities to match.


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