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Article: Luanghy Likes the Carnegie Library | November 27, 2007 | by BIZBASH (Posting in PDF)

Sylvie Luanghy

WASHINGTON, D.C. In 2005, Sylvie Luanghy co-founded the Style & Image Network Agency, a public relations and event marketing firm geared toward small businesses, nonprofits, and government embassies. She and her staff put together two large-scale events and several smaller events every year, including the recent Fashion Fights Poverty event, which is one of the largest fashion fund-raisers in the Washington area.

Venue: “The Carnegie Library building is old, but you can do so much with it. There’s such a wonderful historical aspect to it. The room itself is pretty plain, so you can really transform it because of the beautiful ceiling design and big columns. We have done Fashion Fights Poverty there for the past two years, and we’ve also hosted [our other big event] ‘Beauty Night Out,’ which is a night geared toward showcasing new products, there.”

Chocolate Design: “A company that really adds a level of sexiness is Edward Marc Chocolatier. They created a fabulous chocolate-based decor scheme [for our chocolate suite at Fashion Fights Poverty]. Edward Marc is based in Pittsburgh but is branching out to the D.C. area. They were right on target in terms of design, and we got a lot of compliments.”
Lighting Design: “There is an amazing lighting and design company called John Farr. They were really spectacular for the Fashion Fights Poverty event. Their members were very professional, and they did an amazing job. We will definitely continue working with them.”

Flower Design: “C Scott Design does great flower arrangements. For any event, it’s all about the decor and design, and they’ve definitely helped us reach another level with their creations.”

Catering: “For the past three years, we’ve used Dean & DeLuca in the Georgetown area. They always know exactly what we want.”

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