how to Successfully Find Trade Show Staff for Your Next Event

Trade Show Staff

74% of customers state that engaging with exhibitors increases the likelihood of them making a purchase. Therefore, your trade show staff are vital to a successful exhibition.

But finding the best trade show staff can be challenging. Before you hire the people who will be the face of your brand, you need to have a clear idea of which staff will be the right fit to represent your company.

In this brief and actionable guide, we’re going to cover everything that you need to know. That way, you can find the right trade show staff to make your next event a resounding success.

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Focus on Staff Skill Sets

Trade show staff have various skill sets, and you should consider which qualities you require for your event.

For example, depending on the event, you could demonstrate products or give presentations at various times of the day. In these scenarios, you may require crowd gatherers to ensure large audiences surround your trade show booth at those times. But if you are hoping to make sales throughout the day, having professional lead generators and sales reps is invaluable.

Hiring staff with broad trade show experience can get average results, but this is not what you want. Instead, specialist event staff can provide customers with a memorable experience at your booth.

Trade Show Staff Presentation

Attending your booth is the first time many potential clients come into contact with your company, and you may not have long to make an impression. Having well-presented and friendly hostesses can be crucial. They can connect with customers, encourage them to browse your booth, and direct interested parties to the right staff members to help with queries.

A professional booth staff that can portray your company in the best light can attract more quality leads for your business. 

Trade Show Staff Reliability

Unfortunately, reliability is one of the most overlooked aspects of staffing a trade show. When a business books staff, they expect them to show up, but this doesn’t always happen. Unreliable event staff can leave your trade show booth short-staffed and give customers a poor experience of your company. 

However, you can avoid this issue by working with a professional trade show staffing service. Working with a reliable event staffing agency can give you peace of mind that the staff you hire will turn up on time and work hard while there. 

A staffing company can also source staff at short notice should someone be off sick or need to take time off to deal with an emergency. 

Contact Style & Image Network (SIN) Today

Hiring the right trade show staff can give potential customers the best impression of your business. The key is working with high-caliber event staff with the skills and experience to impress attendees while providing them with the necessary information. 

At Sin, our professional staff can give your customers a tremendous trade show experience that has them talking about your brand long after the event.

Contact SIN today to discuss your trade show staffing needs and get a free quote.

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