How to Create a Social Media Content Strategy for your Med Spa

med spa social media marketing

With things looking up for ending the COVID-19 pandemic, now is the time to plan the perfect social media strategy. Med spa owners were battered over the past year by lockdowns and restrictions. The good news is that with a vaccine, customers will come running back.

Get Ahead of the Competition

Now that people are vaccinated, they will feel more comfortable getting out and about. With these changes, your med spa clients will want to improve their appearance following several months of hunkering down. People want to look their best.

They’ll want to make improvements before they head out to their first party or other social events. Now’s the time to let social media users know what you’re offering. This marketing strategy means enticing posts about everything from laser hair removal to get ready for the beach to vampire facelifts and micro-blading procedures.

Update Your Social Media Pages Daily

People crave reliable information that’s easy and fast to access. Don’t send visitors to Google for the answers they need. Get their pertinent information through exceptional social media strategy. Simple posts that can help make your med spa customers schedule an appointment include,

  • Safety Measures to Reduce post-COVID-19 Anxiety
  • Benefits of specific procedures
  • New products and services
  • Special operating hours to accommodate busy spas
  • Discounts
  • Contests

Refresh Your Blog Content with Your Social Media Strategy

It’s also a great time to refresh your blogs. You can do this by updating the most popular content and creating new ones. Center the posts around your services.

Be sympathetic in your content, but also keep it educational. You can use your blog to expand on the posts to boost your social media strategy. For example, give clients 500 words about your spa’s safety procedures.

While Facebook and Instagram posts are excellent for bringing customers to your website and driving sales, they offer little room for content. Need help with ideas? Check out your competition! You don’t have to copy it word-for-word. But you can use their titles and keywords to create your own blogs.

Be Authentic and Honest in Communications About Spas & Treatment

Don’t stick to fluff. You need to be honest in all posts about your med spa. If you still require masks, make it known in your content. Also, add fun social media posts, such as daily live-by quotes or contests that give away products or free consultations. Make sure to respond to followers and interact with them to humanize your social media pages.

Not to sound redundant, but now’s the time to get your social media strategy ready to beat your competitors. Getting your previous clients back and attracting new ones with informative posts and engaging content on social media platforms and your website is vital. Follow these helpful hints to boost your spa’s traffic and improve sales.

For effective social media marketing services and ways to boost revenue online, Contact us now for a well-tailored social media strategy plan!

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