Event Video Production: How Branded Videos Activate Engagement

Event Video Production

Recent statistics reveal that for 66% of people, their number one source of information is video. Reports show that every minute, YouTubers upload 300 hours of video content. Further, 93% of businesses say they can get new customers because of the brand videos.

If you are looking to host an upcoming event, rank video production high on your to-do list for prepping and marketing it. Hosting an event that is highly successful means you need attendees who are highly engaged. Video storytelling engages audiences and makes them care about why you are putting together the event in the first place.

How is business video such a potent tool for events, and why does it help to boost engagement? Keep reading and discover the secret to hosting a successful event.

Why Use Video Storytelling at Events?

Brand video will do more for your marketing your event versus alternative types of digital marketing strategies and promoted content. One reason is that video marketing is more human. It is a way to build a relationship with your attendees and sponsors in a way that is highly personal.

That is because a brand video can communicate well, engage the viewer, and tell them a story.

Brands today are looking for ways to connect with their target market. They do this with many social media platforms, including YouTube.

YouTube is more popular than Facebook, Amazon, and Wikipedia. This platform is a powerhouse of video content, attracting 14.3 billion visits monthly. People today enjoy learning by video content on a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, whether at work, relaxing on the couch, or riding along in a train or car somewhere on the go.

Just like people like to watch video content in their personal time, they are highly receptive to it during events as well. It is a way to kick off the festivities, introduce a speaker, explain the agenda of the day, detail where everything in the event is located, and much, much more.

Brand Videos are Engaging

When attending events, in person or virtually, visitors today expect a video from you. It is the most widely accepted and expected engagement tool for audiences.

If you think about it, the art of storytelling goes back thousands of years. This is how you can learn about world history. While today you read books, the facts in those books come from scientific evidence, but also, word of mouth passed on through generations.

A marketing video is a modern-day way to tell a story.


Many times, people look forward to attending an event where they can learn something new. They arrive hoping to expand their knowledge beyond what they thought before they came.

People have a simpler time processing video content than text content. Recent statistics suggest people spend 100 minutes daily watching online videos. Further, people who view a video will remember 95% of the message versus only remembering 10% of reading text content.


The images, color tone, music, voice, and font type activate emotions. Your audience can associate our feelings with what we see and hear. They can feel happy, sad, excited, concerned, etc.

Improve Audience Engagement With Brand Video Content

You know video works, but how do you take a powerful tool like video and use it to make the greatest impact? Here are tips to help you achieve the best ROI.

Personalize Your Business Video

All attendees will appreciate it when you go the extra mile at your event to make them feel special, individually. This will dramatically boost engagement. You should create a marketing video for various stages of the event.

There are a few ways to drop a personal touch with your videos. First, you want to understand the persona of your attendee.

There can be multiple personas. Either way, do some research on your audience.

Video production services should center on the message they create around the type of people you are speaking to. This begins with the invitation to the event. You should have a video that comes from the same point of view or persona you are reaching out to.

Remember that your audience likely receives an avalanche of marketing every day. The more personal and unique the message is, the more likely your audience will pay attention to it.

The Kickoff Video

Before the event, you want to create buzz. Once the event begins, this is a golden opportunity to really push the envelope and get your audience even more excited about what is about to happen.

It could be a video that promotes your brand or discusses a customer's pain points. In the end, it should appeal to them, so they look forward to what they are about to see and learn.

Thought Leadership

Events are the perfect venue to share videos from thought leaders of the industry. This means you can share business videos with an educational perspective that will make a genuine impression on your audience.

An authority figure in the industry will grab the attention of the audience. This inspires and engages people.


This could be customer testimonials from people who love your brand. It could also be testimonials from previous attendees at your event. A brand video that includes a message from a satisfied customer is a way to build trust in your audience.

Live Stream the Event

Not every one that registers for your event will attend. That does not mean that they are no longer interested in the event's content. In fact, that is why live streaming is so important because if someone cannot attend, they can still revisit the content and get acquainted with your brand.

Keep your live stream in multiple video formats so you can share over and over, no matter the platform or medium. Typical digital video formats include MP4, MOV, WMV, and AVI.

Video Production Services

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