Proven event Staffing Tips for Corporate Event Planners

event staffing tips

Event Staffing Tips for Corporate Events: A Guide for Planners

As a corporate event planner, your job is to ensure events run smoothly and leave attendees with a positive, memorable experience. From conferences and trade shows to product launches and holiday parties, having the right event staff is crucial for success. Proper event staffing allows you to focus on the overall logistics while someone else handles tasks like registration, greeting guests, facilitating sessions, and more.
Here are some essential event staffing tips for corporate event planners to keep in mind:

Determine Staffing Needs Early

Well before your event date, list all staffing roles and responsibilities you’ll need to be covered for the event.

Typical Event Staffing Roles and Responsibilities:

Understanding the various event staff roles and responsibilities is crucial for effective planning. Let’s delve deeper into some of the most common positions you’ll encounter:

  • Registration Staff: As the first point of contact for many attendees, registration staff are responsible for a smooth check-in process. This includes tasks such as verifying attendee information, distributing badges, and answering attendees’ questions about the event schedule or logistics.
  • Greeters: Often, the smiling faces welcoming guests at the entrance, greeters play a vital role in setting the tone for the event. They warmly welcome attendees, provide directions to crucial areas like registration or restrooms, and can answer basic event information inquiries.
  • Room Monitors: Acting as the eyes and ears within each session room, room monitors ensure a seamless flow for attendees and presenters. They manage crowd control, assist with seating arrangements, and discreetly address any disruptions that may arise during a session.
  • Presenters and Facilitators: Your event’s knowledge presenters and facilitators deliver educational sessions or lead workshops. They are responsible for engaging the audience, ensuring presentations run according to schedule, and fostering interactive discussions.
  • Audio/Visual (A/V) Technicians:  The tech gurus behind the scenes and A/V technicians manage all audio-visual equipment and ensure presentations run smoothly without technical glitches. It can involve operating microphones and projectors, troubleshooting technical issues, and coordinating with presenters on their A/V needs.
  • Security Staff:  Maintaining a safe and secure environment is paramount. Security staff monitor the venue, entrances, and exits and address any security concerns that may arise. They may also check bags, manage crowd control in high-traffic areas, and coordinate with emergency personnel.
  • Floaters:  The ultimate utility players, floaters provide support wherever needed throughout the event. They can be assigned various miscellaneous duties, from assisting with registration overflow to replenishing refreshments or helping with breakdown tasks at the end of the event.

Remember: When estimating the number of staff required for each role, consider the expected attendance, the complexity of the event (number of sessions, breakout rooms, etc.), and the desired level of service you want to provide to your attendees.

Work With a Reputable Staffing Agency

Unless you have an in-house team dedicated to staffing events, partnering with an experienced event staffing agency is wise. A great staffing partner will have an extensive pool of quality staff, deep event experience, and the ability to find the right fit for your needs. They’ll handle recruitment, vetting, training, payroll, and any last-minute staffing changes.

Provide Thorough Training

Well-trained staff represent your company’s image. Provide background info on your company/brand, event overviews, role responsibilities, and customer service protocols. Have staffers practice registration processes, familiarize themselves with venues, and learn how to troubleshoot common issues. On-site orientation is a must.

Look for Relevant Experience

When booking event staff, look for those with proven experience in your industry and with similar types of corporate events. Their familiarity will ensure smoother execution. For roles like A/V techs and facilitators, request staff with the specific technical skills and subject matter expertise you need.

Consider Appearance Standards

While skills and experience should be the top criteria, appearance standards are crucial for many corporate events. Based on your brand image and preferences, you may want staff in professional business attire, those who meet specific grooming standards, or ones with the right “look and feel” for your demographic.

Have a Staffing Backup Plan

Even with careful planning, situations like no-shows, illnesses, and staffing shortages can occur. Have a backup staffing plan by overstaffing slightly or making arrangements to fill gaps quickly. Your staffing agency should also be ready with contingency staff if needed.

Schedule Accordingly

Staff should arrive well before doors open for training, checking in, and any required prep tasks. Similarly, schedule enough post-event time for a breakdown, debriefs, and payments. Proper staffing overlap ensures seamless transitions between shifts.

Provide Supportive Management

Have a lead staffer or staffing manager oversee the entire team during the event. This point person should establish clear communication protocols and can handle issues, approve breaks, redirect staff as needed, and ensure quality service.

Gather Post-Event Feedback

After your event, gather feedback from your staff and staffing agency. Find out what went well, what areas need improvement for next time, and how you can better support your event team. These valuable insights will enhance your staffing strategies moving forward.

Offer Appreciation

Lastly, remember to show gratitude and appreciation for a job well done. Recognize exceptional staff and reward those who went above and beyond. This positive reinforcement leads to happier, more motivated staff for your future events.

Following these event staffing tips, you can assemble a qualified, professional team to help execute a successful, memorable corporate event. With the right staff supporting you by implementing proper event staffing tips, corporate event planners can focus on the bigger picture while attending to the needs of the attendees.

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