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Convention Staffing & On-Site Event Managers

We provide professional and engaging event staff for global brands, promotions, and exhibitions.

Conference event staffing

Conference Event Support

When it comes to conferences of any size, we at Style & Image Network know better than anyone how many moving parts there are to consider. And because you want to ensure that your small or convention-sized conference goes off without a hitch, you need dependable convention staffing solutions and on-site event managers to take charge of the countless things you cannot tackle alone.

While your top priority should be the engagement and comfort of your guests, we’ll help make sure that all of your admin is as well taken care of as they are.

Registration Stations

For a multitude of business reasons, keeping a record of everyone who enters and attends your conference is nothing short of essential. That’s why we offer the most robust registration services to guarantee that everyone in the building is recorded on your books.

Be it vendors and exhibitors showing off their latest products or services, the press or guest speakers who you want to feel welcomed and respected, or the general public who are attending your conference to find out more about what you’re all about – our professional convention staffing solutions will make sure nobody flies under the radar.

Elevating the Conference Experience

Outside of the information your attendees are either presenting or absorbing, showing them that you care and appreciate their attendance is paramount to building better business relationships.

To help with that, our professional conference staff can assist with both coat checking and giving on-site direction to your attendees. We also offer swag bag stuffing and materials assembly so that your guests can remember your conference fondly thanks to their keep-sakes and business gifts.


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