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10 Benefits of Social Media For Small Businesses

Social media presence is an important marketing strategy for small businesses. Today 97% of marketers use social media, and 78% of salespeople outsell their peers by using social media marketing. But its benefits have far exceeded increasing sales. Your small business can benefit from social media marketing in many ways. Some of those advantages are:

  1. Reduces media costs – Engaging social media content can help you reach and expand your audience. It is free, and social media advertising costs much lower than local mediums.
  2. Establishing your brand’s message – By posting on your social media account, you can share your brand’s message, a customer’s positive testimonial, or even employee recognition. This helps increase brand awareness.
  3. Increase traffic – It is highly unlikely for all your traffic to come from search engines. Linking your website to social media has proven to increase your traffic tremendously. It assists in taking your customers directly to your site.
  4. Promoting your products and services – Social media has brought us a straightforward, less time-consuming way to promote businesses/ brands.
  5. Tell your brand’s story – A great way to share your brand’s vision and stories is through social media. These can have great impacts on your brand.
  6. Connect with the audience through social listening – Social listening is monitoring social conversations from your audience about your brand. It helps you understand the trends your target audiences are following.
  7. Gather data from audience research – Facebook and Twitter allow you to view the reach and insights of all your posts. It searches the keywords your target audience uses most and is usually more focused on your product. Using social media helps to gather this information.
  8. Build customer loyalty for free – 53% of customers following your page will likely be exclusively loyal to your business. Simple! They choose you over your competition. Also, loyal customers increase traffic.
  9. Helps your business advert to go viral – Social media has a significant influence on making ads go viral. After all, it’s’ where most trending stories are seen!
  10. An easier way of keeping your customers up to date – Social media is an easy way of keeping your audience updated about your launched products, date of product launch, upcoming events, sales promo, announcements, flash sales, available products, etc. 

Taking your business online is the best thing you can do now because social media is the holy grail of traffic. Many of the world’s population use social media, which is very encouraging for small business owners. Contact us for effective social media marketing services and ways to boost revenue online! Call us now for a well-tailored social media strategy plan!

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